Must-have Mobile Apps that Can Make You Easier to Catch the Moment

Capturing the moments during a trip is not as sophisticated as it used to be. All we need today is just our smartphone with the right apps installed on it.

We need apps that can edit photos, videos, and audio files. Some apps are optimized by the designers to accommodate a very specific need, such as for video editing or photo editing only. There are also other apps which are intended to be the jack-of-all-trades apps, taking a bit of each editing feature.

With the right app, an amateur can take a professional picture. Watch and learn a cut video guide on YouTube, and you will be able to modify your own video in no time. There is just no limit to the creative industry these days.

Anyway, here is a list of mobile apps that can make your travel documentation much more exciting.


Travel SolitudeVSCO frees you from the dependence over photo filters. Instagram filter feature does allow the user to personalize his/her photo manually, by adjusting the contrast, brightness, and light saturation. But once you are to upload ten photos in a row, and you need to personalize each, the Instagram filter is just not handy and efficient enough to use.

VSCO, on the other hand, has provided the user with the feature to create a template of a personalized filter. Therefore, every time you need to edit a bunch of photos at once, you can just apply your personalized filter adjustment.

The user interface of VSCO is also friendly for travelers. It displays only three columns, which makes it neither too much nor less.

Adobe Lightroom

TravelAdobe Lightroom has an automatic light adjustment that will repair the photos with improper lighting. It happens mostly during the dusk or sunny weather. Places with thick snow and little sunlight also have the potency to cause unwanted shade over the focused object.

Another feature that makes Adobe Lightroom stands out from the other apps is its preset feature. You can set your own preset and applies it to your photos. Much more like the personalized filter of VSCO, but with more adjustment options.

A Color Story

SuitcaseA Color Story brings forward the superior features of other apps and combines them all into one:

  • It has one hundred filters available for free.
  • Complete photo adjusting options (on Curves, Clarity, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Temperature, Tint, Hue Shift, High Color, Midtone Color, and Shadow Color).
  • Cropping, framing, rotating and mirroring options.
  • Turning all of your editing steps into a preset.

Therefore, A Color Story is the best app that can accommodate your photography and videography needs during travel.…